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seyedashraf May 23, 2011 04:59

how to mesh a 3d spiral geometry in gambit
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Dear friends,

I have created a 3d spiral coil in gambit, now trying to mesh the volume
after finishing the meshing operation the whole geometry shrinks into a 3d shape just like a simple spiral line.

here is the geometry (attach file)

how ever I dont have a screenshot from the meshed status right now
but if you require to see and understand the situation, I can mesh it again and put a screen shot here

thanks in advance.

-mAx- May 23, 2011 07:22

yes post pictures of the mesh, to understand your problem

seyedashraf May 23, 2011 08:40

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here it is

-mAx- May 23, 2011 09:46

Try to split your volume into several maller volumes.
Create one (yz) plane and split your volume with the face.
Then the same with (xz or xy I don't see the orientation).
Finally you have subdomains for each 90 angle.
If you still have problem, try to isolate a smaller portion (45, or 25, etc...)

seyedashraf May 24, 2011 07:39

in this way I would have 8 volumes indeed
am I right ?
I must try this , thanks

seems like it just meshes the geometry along a straight line , not a curvilinear one that is my spiral line that a circle line is extruded along.

-mAx- May 24, 2011 07:43

no you will have 20 volumes

seyedashraf May 24, 2011 12:14

so I didn't get how to split it just like the way you have mentioned
I'll create the faces and lets see what will happen, will report here

-mAx- May 25, 2011 01:00

create a yz-plane (a surface)
split it with your volume.
Theorically it will separate your volume into 2 subvolumes, but in your case you will have more than one subvolume at each side.
You will understand

seyedashraf May 27, 2011 11:03

Splitting the volume was a good idea,
gambit couldn't mesh complex volumes like this.

Thanks mAx it worked.

adelait2 July 4, 2013 05:42

pressure swirl nozzle
how can i model a pressure swirl nozzle in gambit?

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