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Rockda May 26, 2011 11:03

Problem exporting line bodies form Design Modeler to Mesh Editor&Fluent

I'm trying to simulate a 2D free jet impingement on a cylinder using ansys workbench 13 (Designe modeler - Meshing - Fluent) but i encounter problems to export somes created faces/edges in Fluent.

I have made my geometry which consist on a cylinder (solid surface body) , an area above the cylinder which is intended to be a fluid area ( contains air + water from the nozzle, liquid surface body) and two line bodies standing for the nozzle (inside the fluide area) and for the interface between cylinder and fluid zone.

I've created 3 sketches for each part then used the concept option to create surface body from sketch and line body from sketch. The problem is that when i close the DM and switch toward the meshnig editor, my two line bodies have dissappeared. I'm not able to see them in the tree view in the geometry tab, only surface bodies are visibles.

I've found in some online documentation that in the project panel (tool<options<geometry import), the default settings was to only export solid bodies and surface bodies, so i added line bodies too, but that has'nt solved my problem.

I've also tried to run Fluent after meshing but things got worst cuz when i display the mesh i'm only able to see one surface body, not even the second one.

I'm a begginer with ansys 13 so i hope someone will bring me solution to fix my problem. My goal is obviously to have access to my line bodies in order to define my boundary conditions ( velocity_inlet for the nozzle line body, ... ).

Thank you

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