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josip76 May 30, 2011 14:42

Canít get 2D Blayer in hex mesh to be accurate O-block around airfoil

I’m having problems with setting up a 2D Blayer in ICEM. I'm meshing an airfoil and have my blocking structure built as per the tutorial online by Simon P. However, I want to add an O-grid around the airfoil where the mesh will radially propagate from the surface of the airfoil toward the outer domain to better resolve the boundary layer. Just as in the ICEM hex – tutorial. So to do this I first enabled VORFN to see all the blocks which looks like this:

Following this I selected split block, O-block and clicked the block at the center of the airfoil and enabled the offset and set the set it to 1 and then clicked apply and this is what was the result:

The O-block was not really created as an o-block but rather ended in a sharp point. As such the blocks are very distorted and to compensate for that ICEM seems to have extended the end of the O-block to a distance far off to the right outside the farfield. I was wondering how to fix this, to get an actual O-block around the airfoil so that I can have an orthogonal mesh coming off the surface.

Thanks in advance for the help

jeevankumarb June 1, 2011 07:48


The blocking you have made will enable you to create a C-grid rather than a O-grid, which you already have only you have to reduce the size of it. For a airfoil C grid is always preferred rather than a O-grid. If you want to create a Ogrid then you should not colapse wake block and the block inside the airfoil. So recreate the block inside the airfoil or take it from vorfn and modify your blocking in order to have a wake block . then just select the block inside the airfoil for O-grid creation.


josip76 June 4, 2011 18:03

Hey Jeevan,

Thanks for the reply. I tried both both approaches and ur right the C-grid worked much better. There was a huge anount of skew that was created with the use of the 0-grid esspecially near the trailing edge.

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