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ketakev May 31, 2011 13:16

Importing dimensions with Parasolid Geometry
Hi all,

I'm currently trying to run optimisation simulations through workbench on ANSYS 12.1. The original CAD files are solidparts (*.sldprt) and I have imported them as parasolid (*.x_t) files.
The geometry imports however do not include the dimensions of the component. I have tried throwing in the solidpart file, and then using the import options to get the data in, but I receive an attach error... after much wrestling with the file and noticing the lack of an ANSYS dropdown menu in solidworks, I assume we do not have the direct linking between the two programs.
Is there any way I can import or add dimensions to a 3D component within DesignModeler such that it will recognise them as parameters related to the 3D model, thereby allowing me to run the optimiser?
The part is quite complex and unfortunately I do not have the time to develop the components from workbench as native files.
If there are any workarounds or methods for dimensioning an imported model from solidworks, it would be greatly appreciated !

PSYMN June 1, 2011 12:19

The Solidworks direct method should work (I have used it in the past, but don't have a current Solidworks key right now). Perhaps you have the parameter filter on and need to set that to blank so it will bring them in?

I understand that parasolid probably does not even have the parametric info in the file.

I have seen examples where users have parameterized a DM file, but that was actually by parameterizing an operation done to the file... For instance, in DM, you could extend the length of a pipe starting from the original imported geometry and then parameterize that extension...

For truly parameterizing "dead" geometry, you should check out SpaceClaim... ANSYS has a version of Spaceclaim that runs in Workbench (ANSYS Space Claim Direct Modeler, aka SCDM). It is very intuative tech that does a great job as a front end to Workbench and DesignXplorer

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