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flyEmirates June 4, 2011 05:16

heat exchanger drawing in Ansys Geometry
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Hi Everyone.
I am a new one in this forum.
Currently, i am studying General Mechanical Engineering.

I have to carry out a project dealing with Heat Exchanger and Fluent.

Subject: draw a heat exchanger in geometry, calculate wth fluent and represents the temperature contour with CFD Post Treatment.

The goal is to modelize a system like the following one:

The first step is to make a simple system in 2D(the one i draw in the attached file).

This system consists of two horizontal tubes, joined by two curved tubes two make a single system.

There is a Fluid flow from the top to the bottom which implies a thermal conduction.

Moreover, there is a phenomenon of convection between the fluid in the tube and the outside atmohphere (air).

First, i would like to add that i have never used FLuent before and didn't get any course on CFD. So i have to do all on my own.

I am learning some basics thanks to internet.

As consequence, i got a good result for a simple tube (thanks to the Cornell University tutorial) :

I draw a rectangle in 2D (which represents the half of the tube) and in FLUENT, i chose the option Problem Steup>General>2D SPACE: AXISYMMETRIC (instead of planar).
Moreover, during the post-treatment, when i added a temperature contour, i chose the option Geometry>Location> PERIODIC1 and

View>Check Apply Reflection/Mirroring> Method ZX Plane.

So by simply drawing a half of the tube, i got the temperature contour in the entire tube by options: planar and mirroring.

However, i don't know how to implement this method to create the system i draw in the attachement and how to make it in 3D to simulate in Fluent.

So it will be very kind if you can explain me how to do that or giving me a good tutorial so that i can move further.

Thanks a lot.


flyEmirates June 7, 2011 08:01

Hi everyone.

I draw a serpentine tube with Desgin Modeler in 3D. (First step ok).

Now, i have a major problem to modelize.

I repeat:

i want to make a fluid circulate in the tube (which is not air).
Moreover, the air is surrounding the tube.

In the meantime, i want to impose a convection between the fluid in the tube and the air in the outside atmosphere.

How can i modelize the air (by drawing a box??) ?
In this case, if a add a box to the existing serpentine tube, is the tube going to be considered as vacuum ?

Please, can you help me to modelize the system i described in Mesh.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards.


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