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Rockda June 6, 2011 04:08

How to make appear edge/line body (created in design modeler) in the meshing tool

I would like to know how to make appear a line body in the meshing tool, after i created it in the Design modeler (2D) because for now i'm just able to see only the surface body i've created

To be more clear, i will illustrate this with a very basic example. Let's say i've created a rectangular surface and i draw a line in the middle of my piece ( which will be my nozzle exit when i'll use it in fluent). After created surface body from sketch (for the rectangular surface) and line body from sketch, when i switch to the meshing tool, my line body is not appearing in the tree view and i don't know i will not be able to define a velocity inlet boundary conditions later in fluent..

Hope someone will be able to answer my question,thank you very much


PSYMN June 7, 2011 10:01

Named Selections...
This is not how you setup a 2D example in WB...

Instead, just use your surface body...

For the inlet or outlet, you don't need a separate line body, instead you just need a named selection for the edge of the surface body. This ensures that the boundary is properly associated, etc.

You can set the named selection up in the CAD tool, DM or ANSYS Meshing...

I made a demo/tutorial to show how...

Have fun.

phire June 21, 2011 13:18

hi everyone
1 Attachment(s)
I really need ur advice on this
I am try to model scour under pipelines lying on a seabed using FLUENT
I intend to use eulerian multiphase model which requires me to create two zones(water and soil).
I have used projection to split a surface into two under Design modeller to create the two faces.
The issue i have is that when i try to mesh the surrounding of the cylinder with ansys mesher; the mesh under the pipe is scattered because of the projection line that is there. how do i get around this
I have attached the picture of the mesh i got
pls i will appreciate any contribution

Thuy Nguyen October 3, 2014 03:41

Wind Tunnel Problem
hello , i am making a research about wind tunnel. i use ansys fluent to check the sability fluid after through via a screem and honeycomb and i cant model them. im looking for many advices May 19, 2016 10:27

I have the same question (as Rockda).
I wanna create an edge on one of my body surfaces to create better mesh.
I make the edge in design modeller, but it disappears from the body in meshing tool.
Thanks in advance for an early reply.

hcaribe June 8, 2016 09:58

Hi Everybody. I have a similar problem and I will be gratefull if anybody helps me finding an answer. I am using ANSYS FLUENT in Student version. I am trying to do the best geometry in order to have a structured quadrilateral mesh in 2D. In this way, I made some lines around my foil and I am trying to make projections with these lines. But when I try to select these lines, ANSYS Design Modeler just donīt let me select the lines. I noticed that there are lines that can be selected, like the boundaries of the Domain, but I just canīt select the lines that I did for projections. Can anybody help me with an answer? Thank you very much!

diamondx June 8, 2016 23:10

This thread is deprecated. Start a new thread and post some pictures. Thanks a lot

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