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Asghari_M June 8, 2011 08:03

Mesh generation method for coil heated within shell
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Hi All.

I am modelling a coil within a hot water. I presented a geometry model in attachment for anybody who is willing to see it.
I goanna model it by fluent and Gambit software (recently Ansys) .
The fluid within coil is heated by hot water circulating over the coil. Therefore the coil is heated. The main questions are presented as follows:

1-Which solver's model is suitable for this purpose?
(For example, is the Heat exchanger model suitable for this object?)

2-Am I allowable to use a 2D model for coil as well as a 3D model for water in shell? Which mesh generating method is suitable for volume in shell?

3- Which boundary condition can be used as oulet boundary of coil (I think I can't use a Neumann boundary condition specially since coil is being heated till discharge)?

Note that the side walls are adiabatic.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

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