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NGH June 13, 2011 21:41

ICEM Prism mesh creation

Im meshing riblet within a rectangular domain. I have used ICEM to create the tetra-hexa core mesh in the computational domain. Then I try to create the prism layer mesh. The prism mesh layer generation seems ok as the panel stated prism.uns finished. However when I try to look for prism layer under volume mesh, I can tlocate the prism layers. Why is that so and any way to mesh the prism layer for my case? Thanks

user_of_cfx June 14, 2011 07:42


I think I know what problem you're talking about. you say you use hybrid hexa and tetra is that right? It may be that the size of the prism layer elements you have given does not correlate well with the size of the respective hexa elements. Try specifying a prism layer size that is very similar to the size of the respective hexa elements near the wall and see what happens.

If you can't find a way round the problem (my experience with hybrid meshing says that prisms is not a very easy thing to achieve, or I don't have the expertise to do it easily) what you can do is increase the number of tetra elements to make them smaller near the wall. You will thus keep the accuracy up, though of course you will have to compromise by increasing the total number of elements.

And I also think it will be better to do the prism layer in the tetra side first and then merge with the hexa side.

Hope it helps.

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