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pam June 16, 2011 09:08

Different Surface Mesh size in x than y
working with ICEM on a mesh of a small rudder (110 mm long).
Since its surfaces are bended in all dimensions, I'm using prism and tetra/mixed meshing.

Along the trailing and leading edge I couldn't find a proper mesh setup yet.
The problem is that the velocity gradient transverse to the leading/trailing edge line is very high, resulting in a need for a very fine grid, but along the leading/trailing edge line its much lower (except at the end of the rudder). In order to have not too many nodes I need to find a way to achieve a fine space transverse to the leading/trailing edge while along (except of the end of the rudder) it should be in about 10 times as big.
I was trying with line and surfaces meshes, but couldn't find a way yet.

Question 2:
When trying to use the "create Hex Core" option inside the volume tetra mixed mesh, I hoped to get the far field to be a hex mesh. But i couldn't find a way to make the upcoming hex mesh having a big enough size / starting far enough from the finer grid of along the rudders surface. And ended up with ways too many nodes. I tried all the different options on the "Global Mesh Setup > Volume Meshing Parameters > Cartesian Mesh Type > Hexa-Core Mesh Method" but without success.

Any help is highly appreciated, especial the first question is fundamental to me, my masterthesis time is ticking ;)

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