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brunob June 17, 2011 07:30

Strange ANSYS Meshing 13.0 Problem

i have been using icem and cfx a lot, but i am new to ansys meshing software. On the project I am working on we have decided to do some simulations with fluent and also to use new cut cell feature implemented in ansys 13.0 since it seems quite interesting. So, I have created my geometry in icem and exported it in .iges file format. I imported then geometry using ansys workbench and started ANSYS meshing 13. Everything seems working, but problem is that there is no CutCell feature in the Details of "Mesh" tree.
I also read about CutCell workflow in Help, and set prerequisites as it is described there: Physics Preference-CFD, Solver Preference-Fluent.
Are this only prerequisites, since I can't see CutCell feature at all, or there are some other?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

PSYMN June 18, 2011 20:26

Global Cutcel is in the Mesh Details Panel.
Hey Bruno...

Unlike the other methods that operate on individual parts, Cut Cel is a global method (at 13.0 anyway)...

So you can't insert a method as you do for PI tetra or something like that.

However, when you have your mouse on the Mesh branch of the tree, you can find an option to use Cutcell in the Mesh Details Panel...

Best regards,


brunob June 21, 2011 04:05

Hey Simon,

thank you for the reply. Since I was using german language in ansys, CutCell was "translated" as AssemblyMeshing...completely wrong.

Best regards

PSYMN June 21, 2011 20:03

Interesting that it would try to translate "Cutcel" at all...

You should certainly be able to insert MultiZone...

Right click on mesh to insert a method

Then in the details panel, you should be able to select the geometry and apply the method to it.

Then there is a "Method" field that defaults to "Automatic". Use the pulldown and change it to MultiZone...

Other details should appear...

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