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ronakkaria June 18, 2011 07:22

Inverted and Skew Elements - Gambit
Hi, I'm trying to model the front part of an F1 car (the tires and the front wing). For this I need the tire and the ground touching each other. However when I mesh this geometry I end up with skewed and inverted elements. If i raise the tire above the ground and then do a fine meshing, the problem is removed. But I really need to find some way to mesh this thing with the tire touching the ground.

I've used a face mesh of size 0.03 on the tire.. and I'm using a sizing function for thw volume around my geometry..

-mAx- June 21, 2011 02:03

I assume you are talking about sharp angles generated from tangential groung on tyre.
you can split surface next to the sharp angle and remove a short portion of the sharp angle

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