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user0314 June 20, 2011 16:22

rotational periodic boundary conditions in ICEM
How do I set rotationally periodic BCs in ICEM tetra?

I set Global Mesh Parameters>Periodicity>Rotational Periodicity, base (0 0 0), axis of rotation (0 0 1) z-plane, and angle 45.

I have a 45 degree pi slice of a disk. Then I generated a tetra volume mesh automatically from ICEM.

Then I set the BC of the periodic faces to periodic in the Output>Boundary Conditions.

I output the mesh and read it into fluent, and get the error:

Warning: Innapropriate zone type (periodic) for one-sided face zone, Changing to wall.

The periodic faces are different parts. I tried setting the periodic faces to the same part but get the same error.

Any suggestions?


Ludvik June 21, 2011 01:57

Periodic mesh works just with Octree algorithm.
Use Octree to create (Lock) surf mesh for other volume algorithms.

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