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ExtraTim June 20, 2011 20:47

Distortion After Meshing, Help!
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So I've been trying to do some 3D airfoil modeling for a bit now. What I did was make the "tunnel" around my airfoil design, and then I made an area below it, exactly a replica of the top except for a solid(fluid, w/e) area where the airfoil was, so that I could model what happen near the tip. All of this is one, fluid part.

Anyway, I put my sizings on everything in the mesher, mapped all of the surfaces, and I get this. Basically, the whole thing is mapped very well, except for 2 surfaces. While the edges are technically correct, the middle is distorted, like it wants to do 2 things at once? I don't understand why this happens, because all blocks are replicas and their "partners" do not look like this. Any suggestions?

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