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zino June 21, 2011 00:29

GridGen block and face forming problem
I am using gridGen to form a geometry but problem is that when ever I made face by following after making domains :

Create>Assemble Faces>Add 1st face>select certain domains to make a single block. >Save Face

after that when I try to form Blocks the only option that come is Abort-Dont save block however, before that It use to come Done-Save block.

what should I do to, I think there is some problem with domain but can nt figure it out. Help please
I am using 2D fluent structued meshing.

rmatus June 21, 2011 09:26

Did the face get saved?
Hi Zino:

I am not sure what is happening here. Are you saying that you can save the block face, but you are unable to save the block? That is, you are able to select domains that form a valid 2D structured face and hit the Save the Face button in the Assemble 1st Face menu, but on the next menu (Create a Structured Block) the Done - Save Blocks button is greyed out?

(And just to be sure, have you selected 2D Fluent as your ASW?)

If that is what is happening, could you post a picture of the grid topology or provide a copy of the grid file?

If something different is happening, please provide details, and I will see if I can determine what is going on.


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