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Rickard.Solsjo June 22, 2011 07:16

.msh remeshing using ICEM
I got a .msh file from AVL fire or similar and I want to redo the meshing since it is adapted to RANS modeling and not LES.
It there anyway to remove all of the internal elements and create new ones with the give parts.
Basically I want to keep the outline or skeleton of the mesh since it is very irregular.

best regards

PSYMN June 24, 2011 12:25

Yes, for tetra you can delete the volume mesh and remesh with a bottom up method...

For Hexa, you could import the mesh and the load blocking from unstructured mesh... THen you can edit the blocking...

Doginal June 26, 2011 18:52


I'm just starting to learn how to use ICEM so I dont really know to much but i've been trying to read/watch tutorials and it seems like that is a great function of ICEM.

That shows an example with a intake manifold which meshes the outer shell, works to refine certain portions then adds the volume mesh from the Surface Mesh

Hope this helps

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