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jose antonio June 25, 2011 08:01

Extrude 2d tetra mesh
Hello, could anybody help me with that? I need to solve a 2d problem on CFX then I have created a 2d mesh on Icem and I know that I have to extrude it, but my question is, I have to extrude also de geometry? or only the mesh, because I need to apply the boundary condition over geometry entities I think, am I right? Thank you.

PSYMN June 28, 2011 13:18

The CFX solver only cares about the mesh... The geometry is not even exported.

The 2D boundaries (curves) will result in line elements around the perimeter... When you extrude, these become shell elements that CFX can apply bocos on...

The alternative (my preference) is to just export the 2D model without extruding. Export it to Fluent format (*.msh) and then import that into CFX. CFX will recognize the 2D Fluent file and extrude things its self... Note: the line elements are still important because they become the boundaries, so set that up correctly (inlet, outlet, etc) in ICEM CFD before you mesh...

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