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jose antonio June 25, 2011 15:06

Multielement 2d tetra mesh time consuming
Hello, I do not know why doing tetra mesh-path independent on Icem consumes so much time, I don't know if it is because I have set the size of the elements very small when I try to doit patch dependent it doesn't take such time but I don't know how to control the zone of the wake. Can anybody tell me maybe there are some important parameters to take into account to use the patch independent? thank you very much in advance.

PSYMN June 28, 2011 13:22

Understand Octree.
Look into the help... There is a nice explanation of how the OCTREE mesher (PI TETRA) works.

You will see that it can take more time if it is refining, even if that refinement is in a part of the mesh that you plan to delete. You will also see that it refines a box from XYZ min to XYZ Max, so the model orientation affects the result. For models that spread out (like an exhaust assembly or blood vessel), it may be more efficient to mesh smaller chunks that won't end up deleting most of the refined mesh (orphan zone)...

If none of this last paragraph made sense, please check out the help and understand how Octree Tetra works.

Once you understand how it works, you will understand how your model is causing it to take too much time.

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