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DaIN June 25, 2011 15:32

O-grids in ICEM CFD
Hi there,

I am KIVA user and I came across a problem between KIVA-ICEM.

KIVA-3V (multiblock structured code) does not allow meshes created with O-grids in ICEM unless the inner block gets removed and the local axis of the blocks are aligned.
At this point, I would like to have a mesh created with O-grid blocks (I don't want to have an axisymmetric grid) and then I need the inner block, otherwise I would have to include an axis condition and that's what I want to get rid off.

Does anyone know if I can create O-grids manually? I mean if there is any way I can split the block right on the middle on the oblique direction and then, KIVA3V will not complain about the local axis.

Thanks a lot,

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