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natantyt June 27, 2011 18:38

Design Modeler Boundary Condition

I want to model a channel with four segments attched to eachother. I name the boundaries in the design modeler in order to define them later in Fluent, the problem is that names are not transfered to the meshing program in the ansys workbench and it is difficult to recreate the names in there as it is a 3D model with some boundaries inside the channel. Anyone can help me with this?

Thanks alot!

Doginal June 28, 2011 00:09

If your trying to name the boundaries in CFX-Mesh then the easiest way it to right click outer boundaries in the tree menu on the left side and "hide" the boundaries. this will let you see everything inside. If that's not your issue i am not sure. Good luck

swiss_zhang June 28, 2011 02:32

You can do the followings:

Workbench Pannel -> Tools -> Options -> Geometry Import -> click Named Selections and delete the Filtering Prefixed. So that the Name you defined in DM will transfer to the Ansys Meshing

It is better to define all the Boundaries in DM, because in DM you can hide the faces you want by right - clicke Hide Faces, when you put your cursor on the faces you want to hide.

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