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fergal June 28, 2011 10:01

Hexa meshing blocking problem

I am blocking a turbine blade (in a fluid domain) in ICEM meshing, I created a fluid body and blocked it (3D bounding block), split the block and created an o-grid (procedure similiar to methods used in 3D meshing tutorials). However when i associate the curves and faces to the blade (which is twisted) the surface mesh on the blade seems to be ok by inspection but the surface mesh on the domain walls is a mess in places.

I change the lcoation of vertices and it seems to change the look on the domain walls but it still looks poor. Do these vertices and edges need to be lined up (i.e. vertices having the same horizontal height).

I'm quite new to ICEM meshing and I'm experienced in the use of CFX-mesh.

I can post pictures if needed!

Thanks in advance,


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