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Jmac July 3, 2011 21:23

Pro/E to cfx attach issues.
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Hi, all
I have been trying to import a pro/engineer .prt file (which had been converted from a .STEP solidworks file) into CFX designmodeller. However, when I attach the model and generate it, it seems to attach fine but on closer inspection the part comes up with missing geometry. When I checked the .prt file in pro/engineer, there is no missing geometry in the specified location, so I assume that the error occurs when the model is transferred from pro/e to ansys (thats my guess). I have tried regenerating the model in pro/e, then updating it in ansys and this still doesnt work. Is there any remedy to this problem?
I have attached an image of the missing geometry in ansys and pro/e, note that the missing geometry error is not present in the pro/e model.

Computer specs
Windows 7 64-bit
ANSYS 13.0
Pro/Engineer Creo 5.0

Andrew.Coughtrie July 24, 2011 16:03

All i can really sugest is that you either attempt to repair the geometry in DesignModeler or import it using a different format, DesignModeler is built on a parasolid kernel so exporting as a parasolid file if you can gives DesignModeler a better chance of reading the file without losing anything. Unfortunatly the more changes you make to the file type the more likely things are to go missing.

Hope this helps though considering how long ago you posted this i imagine you've already sorted it.


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