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steve1 July 4, 2011 16:29

Wing Meshing
I have meshed a wing and winglet with tetra mesh, but the results from the winglet area are not accurate enough. I tried blocked Hexa meshing and again found the results from the winglet area are not accurate enough.

Is it possible to use a combination mesh of Hexa around the wing and winglet, then a layer of tetra meshing to expand towards the far field and then Hexa meshing in the far field?

Any comments on how of where to proceed would be greatly appreciated.


PSYMN July 5, 2011 09:14

very doable...
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Yes, very doable...

But there are lots of ways to get it done, most using either MultiZone or Merge Hexa and Tetra. You could even use a combination (MultiZone for the near field and then merge that with a Hexa far field...) Another option is to additionally convert the Tetra region to Hexa...

This first pic shows multizone (outside in, but inside out works too).

Attachment 8285

This next set is a merge between a tetra race car and a Hexa far field...

First the far field is meshed...
Attachment 8287

Then the car
Attachment 8288

Then merge and convert tetra to hexa...
Attachment 8289

There is a simple tutorial about merging hexa and tetra in a pipe. A slightly more advanced HVAC tutorial is also available. Try those and you should be on your way. ICEM CFD Hexa/Tetra merging is very powerful and robust if you follow the rules...

Attachment 8286

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