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sreekargomatam July 12, 2011 06:56

Setting the BCs
Hi, I'm using ICEM for mesh generation and Fluent as the flow solver. During post processing, I'm unable to create the exact planes in which I want to visualize the results in FLUENT. The data sets are very large to be exported to another software. So, is it possible to create those planes in ICEM and use them for post processing in FLUENT??? If so, what should be the BCs of those planes???

Thanks in advance.

la7low July 12, 2011 19:28

you could create those surfaces in Icem and set them internal walls in part mesh setup (if you are using unstructured methods: octree etc.), then select interior for those surfaces in BCs selection menu. Then when you export the mesh to Fluent you will have those surface as interiors.
(Please note that those surfaces will have mesh on them, unlike in Fluent when you just create a cut the values are interpolated from neighbouring cells.)

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