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la7low July 12, 2011 19:48

Quest for seemingly simple Blocking (degenerate block)
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Dear All,

is it possible to create a block to cover a box with two corners merged (resulting in a seven cornered "box")? The 1st attached picture will make my question clear.
Whenever I merge two corner vertices of a block with a swept face or free block, a face will be missing as seen on the first picture.
If someone could put a block in there with the upper and lower face set free (unstructured) do not hesitate to share the result with me (I attached the .tin and .blk files in a zip)! I would like to stitch that block to an existing blocking of mine...Thanks for any help in advance!

The best I could make is to put a wedge on top of the existing degenerate block (2nd pic) then convert the wedge to a Y-block. But as the lower, degenerate block didn't have an upper face the resulting mesh is penetrating (see the 2nd pic).

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