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ben-18 July 13, 2011 05:05

Meshing problem trailing edge of blade
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Hi everyone,

I am using ANSYS ICEM (V12.1) to create a structured mesh of 2 NACA airfoil in a channel.

The mesh is composed by two o-grid (one around every blade) and another ogrid is created to get a proper mesh of the boundary layer on the walls (bottom, top, one side) and around the blades.

At the bottom of my blades I have a filet that is quite larget and that I have to include in the simulation.

I am having a problem at the trailing edge (rounded) of the two blades as you can see in the pictures attached. The strategy seems to give good results everywhere else... (cf LE pic)

I have tried to redo the curve association, add more control points, associate the block face to the part containing the surface but I still have this skewed mesh...

Any idea on how to solve this ? maybe an edge orientation problem or something like that but can't find any solution...

Thanks for your help


arunkumarnd July 13, 2011 10:39

i too have similar problem with NACA foils ur making mesh so much finer at end of foil, when u select edge to mesh make sure that end small edges not come with the parallel edge in copy parameter option it will devide the small edge to large number of nodes ... if that happens then re do the blocking the way that u can fix only 2 nodes at small edges @ tail end ..that will solve most of the problem but still u will get some negative elements @ ends rit now i am trying to solve it keep in touch if some thing happen i will let you know :)

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