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lloydmof July 14, 2011 04:03

Meshing a 3D Airfoil
I am attempting to model a simple 3D airfoil in ANSYS, with the aim of accurately estimating the form and induced drag. This means, there would need to be sufficient refinement around the end of the wing where vortices are generated, and also the boundary layer of the entire foil section.

How should I best go about achieving a high quality mesh around this object? I was considering an Inflation from the surface and sphere of influence around the end of the wing. This is currently failing to mesh with the following error:

The following non sweepable bodies have force sweep method controls and cannot be swept:
The following body cannot be swept with the specified source and target faces. Pick a different pair of source and target faces and try again:

Any ideas?


Ad.Al.Qads October 30, 2016 07:43

I am facing the same problems and i don;t know how to fix them.

could anyone help me solve this issues ??

thank you

Gweher November 4, 2016 08:58

This is a well-documented problem so you should have a look on the forum on how to mesh a 3D airfoil, there are even tutorials on the Ansys youtube channel.

Ad.Al.Qads November 4, 2016 11:02


i faced the same problem while i am doing ice cold flow simulation?

it was in the valve body ? any idea how to fix this issues ?

thank you

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