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Christoph_84 July 15, 2011 07:30

Designmodller and Meshing will not start (OpenSuse 11.4)
We tire to change our Simulation Computers from Windows to OpenSuse 11.4. On the Test computer the Workbench runs, also Fluent (started from the console or the Workbench), and every other program like CFX, CFD Post,Ö that is included in the academic CFD Package. But the Desingnmodeller and the Meshing tool will not start. There is following error in the console:

RPCSS ServiceMain failed with 1702 (000006a6)
The binding handle is invalid.

Iím running out of ideas what the reason for this problem could be, can anyone help me?

Far March 6, 2012 15:31

This could be due to some antivirus (I am using Avast) in windows environment , but have no idea which security settings (or antivirus if installed) in Linux kills the DM and AM.

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