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syler3321 July 20, 2011 00:32

2d Aerofoil meshing in ansys ICEM
I noticed that in the ansys icem meshing video on aerofoil (Part 1/3 at 1.11 minute), Simon managed to get an edge that is curved at the leading edge. How did he do this?
This is the video link:-

Another question is: i'm trying to mesh a triangular mesh around my aerofoil with a prismatic layer but i cannot seem to do this. I created a surface, cut the aerofoil from the surface, go to global mesh and set all the criteria. In Shell meshing parameters i set it as all tri. Then i go to prism meshing parameters and set my layers and i even turned on the 2d boundary layer in advanced prism meshing parameters. When i clicked compute mesh, no mesh appeared. Did i miss a step?


syler3321 July 25, 2011 16:59

I managed to solve my problem. I'm beginning to like ICEM

cfd seeker February 3, 2012 02:59

how u managed to solve your problem. I am also stuck up in the triangular meshing of aerofoil. In some cases mesh is formed on the surface of aerofoil which is ofcourse wrong. How to cut aerofoil from the surface? how to apply size function in the meshing? how to apply prisms and density box? :confused:

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