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Prakash.Paudel July 21, 2011 16:33

Meshing a 3D wing
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Would someone be kind enough to write the steps in brief to mesh a wing (in ICEMCFD) so that boundary layer phenomenon and tip vortex are captured.

I made a tetra mesh around the wing with prism layers on top of the wing surface but I am not satisfied with the mesh around the tip of the wing.

Thanks for the help

Prakash.Paudel July 26, 2011 18:26

Meshing a wing with Sweep, Cant, Twist and Span
I attempted to mesh a fluid zone around a wing with an arbitrary span, sweep, cant and twist. These are the steps I followed:

1. Created wing root and tip by importing formatted point data (scaled).
2. Gave the tip surface some value of twist, sweep and cant by using transform geometry tool
3. Lofted the top and bottom surface of the wing and named them accordingly.
4. Created an assembly of these four surfaces ( top, bottom, root and tip)
5. Created a hemisphere around the wing for Farfield and used the surface aligned to the root as symmetry.
6. Created a body using centroid of two points (one point in the symmetry plane and other in the farfield.
7. Global mesh setup// scale factor=1, seed size =0.5
8. Volume mesh parameters// meshtype=tetra/mixed, meshtype: robust(Octree)
9. global Prism Settings// exponential, 0.008, 1.2 ,15 , 0.57 respectively, Advanced prism meshing settings, unchecked stair step.
10. Part mesh setup// checked prism for bottom, top, root and tip surfaces. max size for Farfield=0.5, Fluid=0.5, Symmetry=0.5, wing/CRVS=0.03125, all 4 wing surfaces=0.03125
11. computed tetra/mixed mesh

I end up with very low quality mesh. What have i done wrong here and what needs to be done to improve the quality of mesh. Also, does anyone have any suggestions on ways to mesh the wake region of the wing

Thanks for any advice on making this mesh better.

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