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hkhchiu July 22, 2011 21:56

Wheel: CFX-Pre V13 and V12.1 incompatibility
This is yet another plea for help for modelling a simple rotating wheel. I produce a simple wheel which sits inside a box made of surfaces. After reading the threads on this forum I have tried both a depressed region as well as a tangential ground contact.

I save as a STEP file which I then import into ICEM, mesh and output to CFX. But no matter how I produce the mesh, in the solver it always comes up with the "significant normal component" error.

I am positive my axis of rotation is correct and the relative speed of the ground "wall" is correct and both are in the right direction too. My mesh is approaching a ludicrous level of detail as I try to remove the possibility of a coarse mesh but to no avail.

I have turned the "tangential tolerance" from the default of 20 deg to 25, as the error says there is an angle of 21.213 (the lowest I've gotten).

This must not be that difficult, but I am feeling stumped and full of despair, any sort of assistance would be greatly appreciated.

hkhchiu July 24, 2011 14:45

I am positive it has something to do with Ansys V13. I used a def file which runs fine in CFX-Pre for 12.1, rotating tyres, symmetry and all; but once within V13, it tells me the tangential vector tolerance is not enough, even though it is currently set to an adequate value.

Deadlines are looming! Please assist, fellow CFD-online forum members!

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