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loic July 26, 2011 05:53

[ICEM] Export mesh for IDEAS solver
Good morning,

I have generated a (2D) mesh with Icem, and I would like to export it in the I-DEAS format.

I need 4 node groups, 3 are curves and the last one is a surface. They are correctly defined in ICEM.
However, when I export it with the 'write output' function, the groups are not correctly defined, and I've got only ONE group which corresponds to the surface group. In the output log, there still are 4 node groups.

Any ideas to cope with IDEAS ?

thanks a lot

loic July 27, 2011 12:53

up ! does anyone has ever had the same issue ?

loic July 29, 2011 17:08

Hello again,

So eventually I created a 3D mesh (which looks a bit dumb for an axisymetric problem, but whatever) and the mesh group creation seemed to work OK. Might be a bug with the 2D version perhaps ?


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