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Nick R August 2, 2011 09:59

symmetry plane error due to a split-block
Hi all,

I intend to simulate flow over a 3d wing in a c-grid topology. I want to set the side planes (the parrallel ones) as symmetry but once I run cfx it terminates with the error that says one of my symmetry boundaries is not a strict plane.

So I think there might be some nodes that are not correctly positioned. But in ICEM everything looks right and I've checked every nook and cranny for a node that might not be on that plane.
I noticed that this error happens only when I apply a split block to create a boundary layer region (like the tutorial on youtube). As far as I know the associations look fine.
Is there a way to identify the nodes that are problamatic. I used check mesh but that looks fine too.
Any other suggestions are appreciated.


Nick R August 2, 2011 22:54

For anyone interested I solved the problem by using ICEM's move nodes command and specified the symmetry coordinates where I needed my mesh nodes to be then selected the two sides planes.

PSYMN August 3, 2011 11:42

Good. I guess your geometry was a little off plane? ICEM CFD didn't mind, but your solver did. Your solution (just set the location for the symmetry nodes), is the easiest fix. Correcting the geometry would be another approach, but it is often more hassle and not really necessary.


Nick R August 3, 2011 22:00

Thanks Simon. Is there a way to identify those nodes?

PSYMN August 4, 2011 17:56

We had a request for that a while back... Sort of like the periodicity check, but rather a symmetry plane check... But I never managed to get it in.

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