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Lilly August 10, 2011 08:18

problem with hex-grid at inlet/outlets
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Dear all,

I have got a problem with building a hex-grid using ICEM. For any reason the inlet/outlets of my geometry are not meshed properly (see pics: at one pic the surface is visible, at the other it isnít visible). The grid is limited to a four-sided area inside the almost round surface.
I created surfaces out of the curves at the outlets and associated the edges of the block to these surfaces. Originally I wanted to create an O-grid, but for any reason creating a grid in general doesnít work at all. I already tried different ways of creating the surfaces at the outlets, but didnít succeed. I have the feeling that the outlet surfaces are four-sided instead of round, even though they appear round if I select them. Does anybody have an idea, how I could solve this problem?

Thanks a million in advance!

tav98f August 15, 2011 11:49

Try this?
It looks like there is something wrong with your association. The curves that make up your inlet/outlet are all different colors. I think you need to use Blocking>Associate>Associate Edge to Curve before you create the O-grid. For the edges select the four edges of your block and for the curves select all of the edges that make up your outlet/inlet. The edges of your outlet/inlet will all turn the same color. (hopefully you have not already tried this).

Also I think when you got the pictures you had left your surfaces on under geometry. If you turn these off you will give us a better look at your mesh.

Hope that helps,

Lilly August 16, 2011 11:56

Thank you!
Hi Timothy,

thanks a million for your help! You are right! I tried to associate the face of the blocks to the surface (inlet/outlet) and for any reason the results looked strange in this case...but associating the edges to the curves was working fine!
And thank you for the hint concerning "surface" under "geometry":)!

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