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c120613 August 11, 2011 15:48

importing a geometry from Turbogrid to ICEM
Dear All,

I'm working on a coupled system made by an S-shaped intake and a rotor ahead of it. By running still steady CFD simulation with CFX-solve v12 the integral quantities are oscillating and the solution is blowing up.
I realised that the problem may occur at the interface between the S-shaped intake and the rotor because of different meshes. So the idea is to be consistent at the interface in order to allow well the interpolation process.
The mesh of the S-shaped intake is basically made by means of ICEM, whereas the mesh of the rotor is made by means of Turbogrid. By looking at the Turbogrid options there is the possibility to export the geometry of the rotor in .tin format. In turn, this geometry is going to be imported into ICEMCFD. But something strange happens, in the sense that the blade points are well positioned, but the curves and surfaces are not well defined at all.

Does someone know how to well import the geometry of the rotor into ICEMCFD?


balaji_hrrn May 14, 2013 23:59

Importing TurboGrid Geometry to ICEM
From the situation you explained, I remember few issues I faced couple of times with compressor inlet ducts. Some of them look really weird.

As a first option, you can try initializing the domain with some realistic velocities, temperatures and pressures.

Meanwhile, take a backup of the solution after a couple of iterations and see what is happening.

The option is straight forward. You can export the TurboGrid geometry to ICEM (in the file menu) and then open in ICEM.

Yes, the geometry surprises you. You will see a lot of surfaces and curves overlapping each other. The issue is that, Turbogrid does a lot of surface trimmimg which will all be exported. You have to spend some time to cleanup this mess.

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