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colopolo August 15, 2011 23:28

deforming mesh problem in Fluent.
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Dear All,

I would like to simulation of rotating pannel problem in Fluent

what I wish to do is simulating pannel with small angle (+-2degree, 2hz)

I made test profile file of angle (rad/s) with time.

I just simple test of deforming mesh with profile which I attached.

But, it does not work what I expected.
Problem is ,
The pannel is rotating anti-clockwise and back to 0 degree at 0.5sec.
unitl this time, it looks ok. but,
It is one more anti-clockwise rotating 0.5 to 1 sec. <- I supposed the pannel rotating is positive y-direction after 1 period (0.5sec), with my profile.

Please look at attached files and let me know your guys's opinion.
I have no idea what I was wrong.

PSYMN August 16, 2011 09:22

I am just getting into fluent morphing recently, so I can't tell you how to sort this out yet...

But from what I have seen, Fluent is able to handle a much larger deflection than that because it moves more than just the surface nodes attached to the moving part. There should be some interpolation of the movement that includes several nodes away from the moving object.

Also, for a "rotating" panel, you may be better off to put the whole panel in a circle and handle it as a rotating zone rather than with mesh morphing.

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