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ChristianF August 16, 2011 11:35

Setting the Topo Tolerance (with a script)

I am building a geomatry Model is ICEM. I start the Model with points, than i connect the points with lines an with the lines i create surfaces. I do the whole process with a script because i will use it to do Remeshing with CFX. The problem is sometimes when a surface is created the original name of the lines used to create the surface is renamed. So i get an error when i want to use the line again (it does not exist with the old name anymore). I figured out that when i change the "Topo Tolerance" in ICEM it works (so the Line names dont get renamed).
But how is the scripting command to set a certain "Topo Tolerance"? Using the Replay Control does not help because it shows only the Command to change the Triangulation Tolerance.

I realy appreciate any help.

PSYMN August 18, 2011 08:50

Answer in the quotes...
I have the benefit of knowing some very helpful ICEM CFD developers (all of them actually :cool: )

I asked one and he sent me this...


He should add to his script

global geo_cad

set ::geo_cad(toptol_userset) 1 ;# use user tolerance
set ::geo_cad(toler) 0.00999123 ;# <--- his own topo tolerance

Maybe nice to know: the rules for topo tolerance:

Modes: auto [default] and user

Topo tolerance value: geo_cad(toler)
If geo_cad(toptol_userset) == 0: use default topo tolerance (auto mode)
If geo_cad(toptol_userset) == 1: use user defined topo tolerance (user mode)

If auto set mode: "ic_geo_default_topo_tolerance" will be called automatically to set the geo_cad(toler) value
geo_cad(toler) may be set by the user in "Settings->Model" and/or "Geometry->Repair->Tolerance"


ChristianF August 18, 2011 09:56

Thanks a lot,

I will try this tomorrow

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