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mohcin August 18, 2011 07:09

Double pipe heat exchanger
I am trying to model a double pipe heat exchanger but whenever I try to mesh that model there is an error comes up as ' mesh exporter does not support overlapping geometry problem'. I dont know how to resolve this issue. Kindly help to resolve this issue.


-mAx- August 18, 2011 07:48

post picture

mohcin August 18, 2011 10:04

I have solved that problem for the model in which both the fluids are water but if I used the model like :
Inner fluid = hot water
Inner pipe = copper
outer fluid = Phase change material (solid)
outer pipe = copper
then it gives errors like Access Violation?



anjan August 18, 2011 10:12

hi, it is a double domain channel, so 2 domains are necessary for flowing, first create a geometry a pipe in pipe, import that cad file into icem, declare all fields, inlet_1,outlet_1, inlet_2, outlet_2. first take a material point in inner pipe mesh it, and take another point and mesh it next.

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