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Tarak August 20, 2011 21:33

Modify hexa/polyhedral mesh only from a .msh file

I have the mesh of a complicated geometry in .msh folder (only a single .msh file). I need to refine the grid (Consisting of hexahedrals and polyhedrals). Can someone please tell me how do I import this mesh in icem?


PSYMN August 22, 2011 21:17

No Polyhedral support...
ICEM CFD does not support editing of polyhedral mesh...

I am not actually aware of any interactive mesh editor for polyhedral mesh...

I just did a google search for "polyhedral mesh editor" and did a quick scan but didn't find anything. If you find anything, let us know.

In the mean time, we usually just edit the underlying tetra/hexa mesh and then convert it into polyhedral inside Fluent.

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