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pstreufert August 22, 2011 17:45

Design Modeler - need to insert baffle into flowfield
Hi all - very simple problem. I have a flowfield (annular flow between 2 concentric pipes) that I'm running using symmetry, so only 1/2 the pipes, lengthwise. Now I need to put baffles in them to calculate the change in the heat transfer from a hot inner pipe wall. I'm using Design Modeler - new to this program - and need to figure out how to do this. I've tried a number of things that look good in the mesher, but the baffles don't show up in Fluent.

I'm baffled!



pstreufert August 23, 2011 09:55

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I tried in Design Modeler to model the baffles as solids with a thickness, then extruded the tube using "freeze" - I thought it worked and Fluent sees the solids (I set them as walls rather than internal), but the flow still goes right through the walls rather than around them. I'm attaching a picture (if that works)

PSYMN August 28, 2011 16:16

Sorry it took me so long to get here...

In ANSYS Meshing, it meshes each solids separately... When you added the baffles as frozen solids, it thought you were adding separate parts, so it meshed them separately... The mesh from the tube doesn't include the baffles at all. It is just a mesh of the tube. The baffle mesh is intersecting/overlapping but not interacting...

What you needed to do was add the baffles by "removing" material from the tube... Don't add frozen, just change the pulldown so it doesn't say "add material".

Best regards,


pstreufert August 31, 2011 18:05

Thanks for responding - I did get the model working by generating the baffles with an inner and outer wall, capping the ends and using the "Fill" tool to generate a fluid volume. Now I have to learn how the efficiently use the meshing tool in Workbench!

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