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Lilly August 23, 2011 05:16

mesh several bifurcations-blocks
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Dear all,

I have got a general problem with hexa-meshing of my geometry. My geometry has several bifurcations and branch-offs and I want to generate an O-grid for it. But at the moment I am not able to find the correct position of the blocks. I already got an advice how to place the blocks for my first bifurcation (thank you, Timothy!), but for any reason my mesh looks still strange, especially at the bifurcations.
Furthermore, I already moved the vertices of the blocks several times, but the resulting grid always contains a lot of negative volumes and degenerated elements and smoothing doesn't help at all. I am afraid that's a problem due to my general way of how I position the blocks (normal and o-grid) and my way of meshing :(.
Does anybody can give me an advice or maybe recommend a good tutorial for this problem (I couldn't find one which helps me dealing with this special problem)?
Thanks a million in advance!

BrolY August 23, 2011 05:41

Associate the edges to the curves.

Lilly August 23, 2011 05:54

Thank you, BrolY!
I did this for the inlet and outlets. Do you mean I should try to create further curves at the bifurcation and do the association there too?

BrolY August 23, 2011 07:29

Yes, do the association for each bifurcation !

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