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mahzad August 28, 2011 04:54

Mesh renumbering
Hi Every one
I have generated a grid in gambit and exported its nodal coordinate and nodal coonnectivity information. now I want to know is it any way or software in order to help me to do renumbering because I'm going to reduce the bandwidth of my matrix. If anyone have any information about taht help me please!
I'll really appreciated

-mAx- August 29, 2011 02:05

you can do that in your solver.
For instance:
*In Fluent 6.3, you could use Reordering: grid/reorder
*In OF, you can use RenumberMesh utility

mahzad August 31, 2011 01:17

node and cell renumbering??
But I have another question. Because I don't want to work with fluent, and I am going to write a code myself it is important to know is it anyway to control the way of node and cell numbering?
when I checked grid order it just change bandwidth and reported it but I want to know how the node and cell numbering has been changed?
I look forward to hearing fome you.
yours faithfully

-mAx- August 31, 2011 01:31

I don't think you can reordering your grid or modify its numbering or whatever within gambit.
Check the user guide

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