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vmeertens August 30, 2011 15:41

Interior Faces

I want to run a simulation on a hull for a new tender.

I have the file in a IGS format, but I can only import it as a parasolid format.
When I import the IGS file, Gambit tranforms the volume (hull) into faces.
When I want to form a volume using the faces, I get an error.

In parasolid everything seems to go well...

But when I want to subtract the hull from an outer box (volume) I get an error as well: "Inconsistent containment of intersection curve".

So I wanted to check the volume and I get following report:

Problematic geometry reported from volume.X
all the faces of volume volume.X are interior faces.
The following real edges have geometry check error:
edge.y ...

I don't realy know what to do with this :confused:
(Or except ask for the original file, but it would take to long to obtain it...)

So all the help is appreciated!



-mAx- August 31, 2011 01:51

So far I know, if you import your geometry as IGS file, Gambit will import virtual surfaces.
As you discovered IGS import may be "dirty", meaning you need to clean your surfaces with CleanUp tool.
But if you succeed, then you will still have a virtual geometry which will give you some difficulties for future boolean operation like substract.

On the other hand, parasolid should import you real volume, which should be ok for boolean operation (maybe you have some problem with your original geometry).
I never worked with parasolid (except one time), and I am used to handle with Step file, which is similar.
If you want I can take a look at your geometry

vmeertens August 31, 2011 10:58

Hey Max,

Thank you very much for your reply. You are a real help on this board.

I have read a lot of complains about importing IGS in Gambit. It seems to be not so well supported.
I wanted to clean the hull with the tool, but I’ve discovered it was going well with Parasolid. Or that was what I thought…

If I’m correct, you prefer to import a STEP file?
I tried to import it as a STEP file as well, but I got an error and nothing was displayed.

Also it seems that the import of Parasolid/IGS/STEP… is depending of the program I use for an export.

I exported the file as a parasolid with Rhino and Solidworks, and when I imported the file in Gambit, I got different results.

The x_t file exported out of SW was imported as a Volume, but the Rhino export was imported as surfaces. Although I used the SW export scheme for Rhino.

That would be very helpful if you could check the geometry.
I will work on it this weekend, and hopefully I can find a solution as well.

Is your email still the same as last year?



vmeertens September 2, 2011 06:12

Thx Max for helping me out.

It seems to be a geometry problem in the "parent" file due to different import/export protocols between software.

So I have to modify the original file for further calculations

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