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Rockda September 5, 2011 05:14

How avoid two surfaces's mesh stacking up? ?
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I'm trying to mesh a 2D geometry using ansys wb 13 and need help for a little thing.

You can see my configuration on joined picture. The grey part is a solid cylinder and the bigger cylinder surrouding him represent my fluid zone.

You can see that i've added an additional surface inside the fluide zone in order to mesh more precisely this area ( which represent my jet impact zone) in the meshing tool. I'm not sure it is necessary to create a surface to do this but i dont know if it is possible to mesh more precisely a part of a surface without creating a new surface for it

My problem is that when i proceed meshing, my little surface is meshed two times. Indeed the entire cylindrical fluide zone surface is meshed and the little surface inside it meshed too a second time. So finally i've two mesh who stack up. How can i avoid this ?

Thanks a lot

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