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bluelc September 5, 2011 23:27

How to create non-comformal mesh at the interface of two blocks?
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As showed in the attached figure, I put the inner and outer blocks into different parts. I want to apply different mesh densities for the inner and outer blocks, ie, how to break the connecticity between these two block?

Thanks for your help!

bluelc September 6, 2011 08:47

Multiple domain with nonconformal grids interface
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1. Initialize the block for the first domain, associate interface edge with curves(interface_1), define pre-mesh parameters and convert the pre-mesh to unstrutural mesh;
2. Right click Blocking/Topology and create sub-topo. Re-initialize the block for the second domain using a new part, associate interface edge with curves(interface_2), then convert the pre-mesh to the unstrutural mesh. Select merge for the popup window.
3. Interface_I and interface_2 are different parts but identical in geometry feature in ICEM and a coupled interface boundary in fluent.
4. Define boundary conditions and output the mesh. Done.

Wish this can help someone in the future.

Jonathan February 28, 2012 11:12

hi blue,

thanks for posting ... very useful, helped me out of a tight situation - much appreciated ...


blgypeng September 26, 2013 22:59

can you upload the .block and .tin file? bluelc


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