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jonny_b September 6, 2011 13:37

Inflation Mesh Possible with Multizone Method for this Geometry
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I am currently trying to mesh a complex goemetry using the Multizone mesh method in ANSYS Meshing and am having difficulty applying a pre-inflation layer to the geometry. From the documentation I've read, an inflation layer using the Multizone mesh method is really just an O-grid tool (or so I have interpreted). I've attached an image of the geometry I am meshing. The red surfaces are the surfaces I am attempting to apply an inflation layer too. Is the geometry to complex for an inflation layer?


PSYMN September 8, 2011 17:09

It should be doable, but perhaps it is failing due to the small lip area... At the very least, that should limit your max boundary layer thickness to less than half that feature size...

I will contact you privately to see if we can get this model in for testing.

Best regards,


PSYMN September 16, 2011 16:20

Too many layers...
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Thanks for sending the model, and I confirm my original guess... If you reduce the number of inflation layers to <=22, the meshing works.

The problem is that once the layers get larger they will overlap (see picture attached and imagine another layer in this area of red dot), and the meshing will fail.

Attachment 9221

I agree we need to improve the messaging/behavior to handle overlapping inflation layers, but right now, you need to control this via setting appropriate number of layers. In an ideal world, we could auto-reduce the Ogrid height locally or split off the tricky region behind the Ogrid. It is just a matter of getting to those sorts of requests in the Queue, but I forwarded your model to development for their consideration...

There may be other things you could try, such as splitting the geometry or setting smaller heights in that area so you could fit in the 50 layers... You could play with those options...

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