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highhopes September 8, 2011 03:19

Dimension conflict between icem cfd and fluent
Hello everyone,
I have a very simple question. Have anyone here exported the mesh of famous 2d pipe junction geometry (from the icem cfd tutorials) to fluent successfully? I have read probably all the messages here about the problem I am encountering. I have used 2d planar blocking in icem cfd and I chose fluent v6 solver while generating the final .msh file. I also tried to use fluent [2d,dp,pbns,lam]. However fluent gives the "file has wrong dimensions (3)" error message at the file>read>mesh step. Do you have any idea about what I might be doing wrong?
I am not obsessed with running 2d pipe junction geometry I just wanted to run a simulation in the beginning on another 2d geometry but I received the same exact error trying to export it to fluent along with all the other 2d geometries I have tried.
Thank you in advance for any help.
PS: The figure belongs to the one of the unsuccessful attempts. Can you see anything wrong???

PSYMN September 9, 2011 11:07

The most common error people make with 2DHexa to Fluent is in not associating all the perimeter edges to curves...

If you dont associate the edge to curve, you don't get line elements and fluent has problems... ("dimension" could refer to 2D elements, 1 Elements, 0 D elements) Many new users mistakenly assume that if the edge is already aligned with the straight curve, there is no need to associate it. For 14.0, the error message has been re-done and is much more clear.

But yes, generally, I have no problem outputting 2D ICEM CFD Hexa to Fluent, and typically, we actually do that during the training class in order to make sure everyone grasps issues like this.

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