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RodriguezFatz September 19, 2011 04:24

ICEM - strange linking problem
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Dear all,

I have some strange linking problem in icem. (please see attached picture)
When I change the number of edge nodes in the left blocks (in direction of the red arrow), also the number of nodes in the right blocks changes to the same number. I don't find any linking between the two blocks, so how can I prevent icem from doing this?

Thanks for any help,

PSYMN September 20, 2011 12:54

Check the index control to see what it thinks of the two "unrelated" edges, try splitting across that first block and see how it propagates, etc... Turn on the VORFN blocks to see if that reveals anything.

If that connection is behind the scenes in the VORFN blocks, you can break it pretty easily. Go to delete blocks, turn on the option for "permanently" and delete all the banked (VORFN) blocks. This will delete your VORFN region and re-create it without the hidden connections that you have currently.

Beware! This could mess with your index control since it starts a whole new index based on your visible blocking...

RodriguezFatz September 21, 2011 02:12

Thank you very much, I will try that!!

camoesas October 25, 2011 03:25

I had a similar problem, it worked for me.

Thanks PSYMN

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