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windsim September 20, 2011 19:22

Negative Volume Elements
Hey everyone,

I'm trying to create a mesh in icem then import it to cfx-pre to solve. I've checked the mesh quality for negative volume elements in ICEM, and it tells me that the min element volume is 0.003453 - which I'm assuming means there are no elements with volumes less than that.

However, when I import it over to CFX to solve, the solver tells me that it has found a negative volume element.

Could someone shed some light on this for me please?


brunoc September 20, 2011 20:46

Check 'Determinant 2x2x2', or 'Quality'. They tend to deliver negative values for inverted elements. Also, I think there is one function on the 'Edit Mesh > Check Mesh' feature that will search for inverted elements. Try that as well.

windsim September 20, 2011 21:15

Thanks for the tip. I've just run mesh diagnostics, but it tells me that there are no issues. Checking the element determinants also yields no negative values. Mesh in CFX is still giving me the same error though.

If it's relevant I'm running the frozen rotor model (but not doing any transient analysis atm).

windsim September 21, 2011 00:26

After some work, fixed the neg elements and model is good to go. Thanks :)

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