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m2205 September 26, 2011 07:07

Using Pointwise for FLUENT meshing
Hi all,

I am trying to export mesh from pointwise in .cas format and trying to read it in tecplot just to check the mesh validity because my unstructured solver preprocessor did not accept it.
Tecplot also gave me error:
'End-of-file while skipping section 84044028.'
I have used pointwise in past in the same way, but this problem is new.

Could someone help please with this peculiar error please?

Many Thanks

jchawner September 26, 2011 16:55

Hello Mahak:

Unfortunately, I don't know what that Tecplot error message means. In order to figure out what's going on with your Fluent .cas file we'll need to get a lot more information. My suggestion is to contact our technical support engineers at and tell them about the error, your mesh, and what version of Pointwise you're running.

m2205 September 27, 2011 09:48

Hi John,

Thanks for the reply.
Do you think beacuse of lack of memory its not able to write out the file properly? Then I can try it on a machine with higher RAM.
Normally Pointwise gives an error message if that is happening.


jchawner September 27, 2011 10:26

Without knowing how large your grid is or how much memory your computer has it's hard to say but certainly trying on a machine with more RAM won't hurt.

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