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Febin October 1, 2011 13:58

Import Geometry Dimensions
I am trying to find the Coefficient of lift and drag of a UAV. The UAV was designed in Ansys Classic version. Now, when I imported the geometry into Ansys Designmodeler, the dimensions are found to be too small. For e.g, the length of fuselage was set as 1.81m while creating the model. But, in designmodeler, it is just .0475m. How do I keep the original dimensions?


PSYMN October 2, 2011 22:30

Just scale it...
This could be some sort of units mismatch... I divided one by other expecting it to fall out as some common number like 25.4 (mm/inch). Instead it was 38.1, so I am not sure if you just were not specific enough about what had become what...

But either way, the solution is just to scale the model after it is in DM... Find the exact ratio between the models and scale it appropriately...

I think the option is under the create tab, but just check the help for "scale" and do what ever factor you need to get the job done.

Febin October 4, 2011 14:35

Thank you Simon. As you said, scaling was what needed to be done!!!

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